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Judith Murray

Drawing and Talking Therapist

Judith Murray is a Drawing & Talking Therapist & an Associate Practitioner at A Positive Start CIC.

Drawing and Talking is an early intervention self -help therapy which is already used successfully across the UK,

helping young people (16+) with underlying emotional difficulties or who have suffered trauma in their lives and is affecting their learning and behaviour and therefore, their attainment. 


We are delighted to welcome Judith to our team as an associate to deliver this vital service. Judith, 33 years an Art Teacher, is passionate about Art & Art therapy and is committed to helping young people improve their mental health, self-esteem & sense of well-being.


Drawing & Talking

What Is It?

Drawing and Talking Therapy works by encouraging each side of the brain to work together to process difficult or painful memories by combining drawing (a right brained activity) and talking (a left brained activity).


Painful emotional memories are stored in visual form in the right-hand side of the brain and can be expressed in symbolic form in a young persons drawings. 

By talking about the drawing an internal acceptance process can take place enabling the person to acknowledge the experience is in the past.

Drawing and Talking gives the child a feeling of control over events, building their confidence which leads to increased motivation and self-esteem.

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Dawn Berry

Creative Arts Practitioner



Dawn Berry is a Creative Arts Practitioner delivering Musical & Visual Alchemy, and is an associate at  A Positive Start CIC.

Dawn is an experienced and creative professional with a variety of experience, with over 6 years service in the HM Armed Forces, and over 7 years as a freelance arts practitioner.

A professional musician, composer and filmmaker with a keen interest in experimental film and sound, Dawn is a member of several arts collectives, including Electron Mass and the Moving Image Makers Collective and is currently a resident artist at Mac Arts Centre in Galashiels.


We are delighted to welcome Dawn onboard as part of our team as an associate delivering this vital service. 


Creative Arts Practitioner

What Is It?

Dawn helps young people to explore their inner most thoughts and feelings, creating a safe space for them to express emotions through the creative mediums of Music and Film-Making.

Dawn  uses music, sound and moving image to help improve people's emotional well-being, relieve stress and build confidence.

A talented musician herself, Dawn

is also a skilled and passionate youth worker. Her Client -focused and trauma informed approach together with her encouraging & empowering style earns Dawn the respect of the young people she works with and sits perfectly with our ethos at A Positive Start CIC.

Dawn is passionate about Music and Film-making and is committed to helping young people improve their mental health, self-esteem & sense of well-being through the use of the creative arts. 

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