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As storm Dennis rips through our home town, and the sad news of the untimely passing of presenter Caroline Flack floods social media, hundreds of thousands of posts appear in a public outpouring of emotion, and the apparent concern for everyone’s mental well-

being sudd...

Chapter One. From Sales to Service

The flexible working environment of a third sector post often appeals to people who are on a journey of recovery after trauma. The informal setting and laid-back culture can offer something of a safe haven to employees & volunteers ali...

I recall fond memories of visiting my Grandparents home on a Saturday afternoon, when I was just a child.

The delicious aroma of homemade rice pudding, mixed with the strong stench of tripe and onions, would greet us at the door, whilst our Nan;  Little Nan as...

Like any other day, today I have awoken early and headed out to enjoy my early morning stroll that I refer to as my Walk with God. He and I have been taking these walks together ever since I was a child, sometimes a four legged companion has joined us, at other times i...

What do we mean by Choice?

How much Choice do you believe you have in your life?

How often do you exercise your right to Choose?

You arrived on this earth as an individual.

You will depart this earth as an individual,

For everything in between, whether you realise it or not...

November 10, 2019

I imagine like many parents, hearing the news earlier this week regarding the allegations of sexual assault at the Jack and Jill Childcare centre in Torquay, my heart sank into my boots as I considered the children and families affected by it. 

According to the news rep...