Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

Updated: Mar 27

1. Be in the moment - be present;

What ever you are doing, stop and pay attention to your body. Using your 5 senses, Feel the seat against you bottom, or the ground beneath your feet. Notice how your body feels - wriggle your toes, clench your buttocks and release - notice how it feels. Starting from the tips of your toes, Squeeze your muscles as tight as you can - moving up from your feet, up through both legs to your knees and thighs, clenching your buttocks and stomach, into your chest, clench you fists, arms, scrunch your shoulders, neck, tense your chin, lips, eyes brow and forehead - squeeze your entire body and hold your breath for the count of 10 - squeezing harder and harder while you count down backwards, 10 . 9 , 8 , 7. 6, 5, 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 and as you breathe out, slowly let go - from the tips of your toes, wriggle them, loosen your feet, relax your legs, thighs, buttocks - let go of the tension in your chest, stretch your fingers and hands, wriggle your shoulders, loosen your jaw and mouth, eyes and forehead - breathe in, and out. And relax.

2. Take a deep breath:

Breathe in through your nose, pay attention to the air as it rushes in through your nostrils; How does it feel? is it cold? what can you smell? Hold the breath in your chest and count to three, then force the air out through your mouth - notice how your chest rises and falls as you repeat the exercise. How do you feel? do deep breathes in and out make you feel light headed or a little dizzy? Allow your breathing to return to normal.

3. Look around you: What can you see?

Focus your eyes on one thing, a parked car, a tree, a bird, a paperclip - trace the shape with your eyes - what do you notice about it? is anything different? How do you feel? what thoughts enter your head while you are paying attention to the 'one thing'? Allow the thoughts to come and go- do not focus on them, just let them drift on by like clouds.

4. What Can you smell?

As you take another deep breath in, what smells do you notice? Fresh grass, food, perfume or something else? What does the smell remind you of? Is a good smell or a bad one? do you like it or not?

5. What can you taste?

Pay attention to any tastes lingering in your mouth and throat. Are the tastes related to any of the smells that you noticed? food or drink perhaps? move your tongue around in your mouth and swallow - how does your mouth feel? Is the taste pleasant or not?

6. What can you hear?

What sounds are going on around you? pay attention to the sounds. How many different sounds can you pick out? - can you connect the sounds? Can you see where the sounds are coming from or not? What images come to mind when you listen to the sounds? Kids playing? Birds singing, people talking, or a truck passing by perhaps? Notice how you feel when you are listening to the sounds. What words describe how you are feeling right now in this moment? are you peaceful, comfortable, calm?

7.Bring your attention back to your breathing

If your thoughts start to wander, let them drift - bringing your attention back to the air going in and out of your nose. Feel the sensations in your body. Notice the difference between your body feeling tense and your body feeling calm and relaxed.

8. Repeat after me, either aloud or in your head

I am well,

I am calm

I am relaxed

Repeat this exercise as often as you can, making it part of your daily routine.

Please comment below to let me know how useful you found have found it. Do you find these exercises easy or hard?

What do you find works for you? Please share your thoughts to help others who might be experiencing the same things.

Love & Peace my friends x

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