"Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken' Oscar Wilde

'Person Specification' - you may have come across this when applying for a job or a voluntary role within a company or organisation. A Person Specification is a list of qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience, and attributes; the relevant criteria set out by a recruiter that an applicant will need to possess in order to be considered for a particular role.

Most recruiters use a Person Specification nowadays, in order to attract the 'ideal' candidate for the post, to ensure they find 'the right person for the job'. Many applicants will be dismissed immediately if the recruiter considers they do not to meet the Person Specification. If you have ever been on the look out for a new role, you may also have been on the receiving end of an email, harshly informing you that 'You are not the right fit for the job' Ouch! In other words, you did not meet the criteria set out in the 'Person Specification'.

Imagine an environment that has the rules necessary to ensure the well-being and safety of its people, but rather than 'Person Specific you are actively encouraged to come as you are, to be yourself; where the person specification reads 'You, just as you are'.

Imagine a role where every person is a valued member of the team, regardless of qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and attributes. Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies and regardless of visible tattoos, piercings, hair style or hair colour.

Imagine carrying out your role in a positive environment where people feel safe, considered, included, respected and supported. Where everyone sees beyond the surface, recognising and rewarding the things a person does well whilst paying less attention to things they do less well. A friendly community where flexibility and compromise are the norm and individuality & uniqueness are acknowledged and celebrated.

As individuals we learn and grow in different ways, at different speeds, What may seem obvious to one person may seem less obvious to another. We each have different view points, different experiences, likes and dislikes. and its all good, we were never intended to all be the same and nor should be aim to be. Being ourselves and celebrating all that it means is what makes us great. We have some things in common of-course; this is our time, we are experiencing and sharing this world together, we all have something amazing to offer the world, each of us is talented in some way, even if we don't often realise it or recognise it in ourselves.

Within a person-centred, people first environment, there is no such thing as a person specification Just people working together for the common good. People, being themselves bringing their own uniqueness to the table and sharing whatever it is they have to offer. Less about qualifications and skill set more about the Individual themselves.

If this kind of thinking appeals to you, you may find being surrounded by like-minded, supportive positive people who believe in finding what can be done, rather than accepting what can't be done is right up your street. For some people, this kind of environment helps them to recover their sense of self. Helps them to discover a new found confidence and self esteem, enables them to soar to new heights, achieving things they couldn't previously even imagine.

At A Positive Start CIC encouraging & empowering people is central to our ethos.

If you also believe in people first and would like to make a positive difference to the lives of others. If you are able to assist us in making decisions about projects that will benefit local people, and impact positively on the environment, then we would very much like to hear from you; and invite you to 'come along - as you are!

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