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A Sense of Self

Part 2.

The most valuable lesson that we share with our students at A Positive Start, is a lesson that is so simplistic and so easy for anyone to achieve, it appears blatantly obvious to them as soon as they get it and it brings with it an immediate shift.

To give an example of what I mean by that;

Are you able to recall a time when you were in mid conversation and you tried to remember the name of something but couldn't? That awful aching feeling as your brain searches through the filing cabinets of your mind, hunting for the illusive information that somehow escapes you. Then the sense of relief experienced when you chance upon the right file and the name suddenly pops back into your head, do you know that feeling? well that's the same feeling! A sense of relief. Almost as if they have always known the answer in but they have completely overlooked it.

People often say they have a sense that they are destined for better things but aren't sure how to go about achieving them. They feel they are deserving of a more fulfilling life, instead of feeling 'stuck' where they are, struggling with situations of adversity or a lack of money, or no work, or a difficult relationship that makes them feel anxious and miserable or some other situation that they long to escape from, only they cannot see the way out.

Some people feel certain this isn't the path they were meant to be on, while others decide this is just the way life is - the way the cards have been dealt, they have no choice or control of over their own destiny. They couldn't be more wrong about that!

People regularly tell us that they long for change, but no matter how hard they try, change never comes. Instead they end up in the same old cycle, going round and round - like being stuck in a washing machine on spin cycle.

It gives me great pleasure and a sense of reward, to witness the results as people realise their purpose and experience the changes they have longed for. No matter their circumstances, change happens as soon as the lesson is understood and heeded, and the results speak for themselves. I have witnessed change that can only be described as 'phenomenal'.

In the simplest of terms, change happens when you realise this;

The way you FEEL about anything - is everything,

Change begins when you become aware of the way you feel about YOU.

The solution to any problem you are experiencing is within you; you need to start looking within.

You need some quiet time, time to be still & touch base with you!

Ask yourself, honestly,

'How do I feel about me'?

If you are walking around full of negative emotions towards yourself; anger, hatred, frustration, guilt, apathy, shame or worthlessness - you will live a life reflective of those feelings.

Equally, If you are walking around full of positive emotions; Joy, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Gratitude, Love, Peace, Worth, your life experience will be reflective of those feelings and you will already know all of the above!

The way you FEEL about anything - is everything.

You can change the way that you FEEL by changing the way that you THINK.

Think - Feel - Act

Are you thoughts predominately positive or negative?

When you look in the mirror ? What do you see? Are you thoughts Positive or Negative? Ask yourself Why? If your thoughts about you are negative - why are they and what do you need to do to change them?

At A Positive Start CIC we offer a mentoring service for people seeking positive change - you know the rest!

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