Gratitude brings Joy

I woke early to the sound of the morning chorus outside my window. The bed felt snug, warm and comfortable as I stretched and yawned into the new day. The thought enters my mind 'how lucky I am to feel such comfort', followed by; 'whoever invented the bed deserves a knighthood'!

As I push down on my feet to stand, my sleepy husband lifts his head slightly from his pillow, and with his eyes still closed, he smiles a "Good morning Mrs Cro" words that I repeat while leaning over to stroke the messy silvery grey hair on his head before he eases it back down on the pillow. The thought enters my mind 'how grateful I am to feel love' I am so thankful for this man; his gentle warmth and kindness that comes so completely natural to him - even when hes not fully conscious; and the thought passes through my mind; we never know what's around the corner for us, and I'm so happy that I turned 'that' corner when I did!

I feel the contrast underfoot, between the soft, warmth of the carpet pile and the cold hard laminate flooring of the bathroom. With the relief of an empty bladder comes the thought of being grateful to Sir Harrington, Armitage Shanks or whoever is responsible for a comfort I all too often take for granted.

I turn on the tap before dispensing the liquid soap that gives off a sweet pleasant fragrance as it foams up under the hot running water, which has taken no effort whatsoever on my part to produce. As I squeeze the toothpaste onto my toothbrush, I think about how thankful I am for these comforts that are plentiful in this quiet and comfortable space that we call home.

Downstairs; I pull back the heavy curtains to reveal a beautiful bright spring day. Admiring the flora and fauna in front of me, the blue tits and the black birds that are framed in this ever changing image; I feel the warm sensation of joy rising through my chest painting a gentle smile on my face, and I am grateful to be alive.

Equally as excited by the new day, my little dog Coco bounces around my feet, maybe desperate for some relief herself I imagine. Into the kitchen, I take my clean jogging pants and shirt from the dryer, breathing in the delicious smell of clean laundry. I throw my worn pajamas into the washing machine and pull on my warm coat and hat. I snap on the lead to Coco's collar and set the pedometer on my watch; I am grateful for the appliances and gadgets that bring such simplicity into my life - I've known what it is not to have them, but I struggle to recall now how that time felt, although I am mindful of the distance I have travelled.

As I open the door, the cold air hits my face and comes rushing in through my nose, and for a few moments, I take the opportunity to be still! Listening to the birdsong, feeling the cold, sensing the calm and today, more than any other day, I value the deep breath of fresh air that fills my lungs, giving me life. The thought in mind; - to breathe is to live' - and instinctively I know, here in this moment - that all is well!

Thank you for reading... Have a great day!

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