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Updated: Apr 23

It’s true, that there are at least two sides to every story, but just because someone doesn’t share your view point, it doesn’t make your view point any less valid!

Just because someone tells you they didn’t intend hurting you or they ‘didn’t mean it like that’, does not invalidate how you feel.

Just because others jump on board, criticise your thinking or disagree with you, does not mean that you are in the wrong, it only means they don’t agree - and they don’t have to! They haven’t experienced things the way you have!

Just because someone is louder, richer, stronger, angrier, older, employer, friend, parent or spouse - does not change any of the facts.

Be strong, stand tall, be clear in your own mind about what you think and feel! How you feel about anything is everything! Trust you! Trust how you feel, be your best friend and speak your truth!

Just Because!

Just because they deny it,

Doesn't mean it isn't true.

Just because its a problem,

Doesn't mean the problems you.

Just because they turned a blind eye,

Doesn't mean you felt less shame,

Just because they didn't feel it,

Doesn't mean you felt less pain.

Just because they never listen,

Doesn't mean you have no voice.

Just because they yell or threaten,

Doesn't mean you have no choice.

Just because you were vulnerable,

Doesn't mean you will always be,

Even when your truth is hidden,

Speak your truth, it sets you Free!

by Deborah J Crozier

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