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Senses - Self Care Development

Many of us are amazing carers.

We know exactly what it takes to make other people feel good, whether its our children, partners, parents, friends, family members, colleagues - the list is endless. We are more than happy to go out of our way to provide the love, care and attention that others need to make them feel good, loved, wanted & cared for.

Few of us are capable of directing the same amount of energy & compassion inwards, towards ourselves!

Just the idea of self care may leave us feeling guilty, selfish & the belief that we will be negatively judged by others.

Self care is a essential for our physical & emotional well-being, without it we can feel empty, overwhelmed & exhausted without even realising why! 

Learning to take time for yourself is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys you are even likely to embark upon - 'You are worth it! Actually believing 'You are worth it' comes with time and practice!

Oddly enough, The word 'Education' means to 'Draw Forth from Within'.

Senses is a person-centred, Self Care program that when followed, improves both your sense of self & every aspect of your life.

Self Care is the greatest gift you can give yourself - it's potentially life changing!

To get intouch, call, text or email Deborah - info@apositivestart.co.uk. 

Includes mindfulness, meditation & mirror work. 

12 x 1 hour sessions charged at £20 per session. Total cost of this program is a very reasonable £240.00 per person.

Isn't time you invested in you?

Homework required

​Small Groups and one-to-one sessions available.