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SENSES© Self Care development

Complete the following ...

"I care about myself enough to.......

"I respect myself enough to....

"I believe in myself enough to....

"I love myself enough to...

Senses Self Care is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys you are even likely to embark upon. Self care is essential for physical & emotional well-being, without it we can feel empty, overwhelmed & worthless.  


Many of us make amazing carers and go out of our way to provide the love, care and attention that others need to make them feel loved, wanted & cared for. However few of us feel able to direct the same level  of care & compassion inwards towards ourselves! The very the idea of self care can be enough  to make us feel guilty, selfish & judged.

How we feel about anything is important, how we feel about ourselves is of the highest important